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Will DDR3 RAM graphic card work on DDR2 RAM mother board?

For this question my answer would be yes! Of course it must work until your motherboard got the right slot to put it into.

The RAM on the graphic card is totally different from the RAM on the motherboard. The RAM version of both really doesn’t matter, I mean the RAM version on the graphic card can be different from the RAM on the motherboard; graphic card will still work fine.

The RAM on the motherboard will be utilised by the computer to run the application and services and where as the RAM on the graphic card will never be utilised by the computer without any graphical processing, it will be maintained totally separate and doesn’t involve in computing until it is necessary. So, the version can be higher or lower the graphic card will work to the rate to which it is manufactured to.

The Graphic card RAM are of many types DDR2, DDR3, GDDR4, GDDR5 their quality varies with their names but these all will work on your computer if only your motherboard occupies the correct expansion slots.

Expansion slots are of many types, mainly PCI slots, PCI-E slots, AGP slots. Mostly all the graphic card these days support only the PCI-E slots, if there aren’t any suitable slots for your graphic card, either you can buy a card which suits your slots or replace motherboard which suits your graphic card slot type.[adsenseyu1]