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What will happen if everyone uses ad blockers?

I know it is great joy to have a clean website with no ads. Many people want to get rid of ads, they think its good thing to do. But, it also true that the website needs money to run their site and the ads are the only source of their income. Not only that, there are many things that may become unavailable to you when you block ads.

First, there are many great apps on the android market, many apps take breathe away, they amazingly do the tasks we want, they are available for free, they don’t ask you anything. But, when you block those tiny ads in that app? what will be the profit from the app to the developer? why should he be wasting time developing a app which gives him nothing . Instead he will start charging the app, the price may be low or maybe high, you got to pay it. If you hadn’t blocked the ads he would get enough support and he will continue developing app for free distribution.

If we block ads on web pages?  well, there are many people who provide many good and reliable information on their websites for free, they rely upon the advertisement revenue they earn from the site to maintain it or maybe to make their living, when their ads are blocked they will lose their income. Now the question is, why would anybody in this world do such type of social work? why would they give you free information on their expense? are they nuts? When you are blocking ads you must remember, you are some how causing a huge loss to your favorite source of information.

There are many application available for free download, there are also many sites who offer free to use script, all they ask is you to put their name at the bottom of the software. They also put “Donate Us” to support button on their site, they know that everyone cannot donate, so they put some ads on their site. When we block ads? Can they only rely on the donation? Do you want to pay for everything you used to get for free before? Many people are proud of such applications existence, they should also know as the the usage of such app increases the new era of internet will arise. You will need to pay even to visit any site, Web masters will start blocking their content to member and they will charge to become a member. There can hardly exist any site which would give you free things at all.