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What Audio Compression Format Gives Better Quality With Low File Size?

MP3 Has been the industry Standard since many year, All the Audio commercially released are usually in the MP3 format. But the Mp3 file sizes are really huge, normally these days songs size vary from 5-12 MB. This sounds okay when they are to be played via CD. When Music lovers wants to store all their favorite music in their small capacity music player it disappoints them.

The MP3 is a lossy compression format which gives good sound quality so all have adapted to it on the other hand there is Nero AAC encoder which is also a lossy audio compression format. But the difference is that AAC gives good enough quality at 64kbit which Mp3 gives at 128kbit which means that you can get almost(by almost I mean the difference is unnoticeable by normal listener.) the same dgfev online casino quality at half the size. So just encode(convert) your MP3 to the AAC and see the difference.

AAC comes with two formats. One is the LC-AAC and HE-AAC, LE-AAC or the Low Consistency AAC is useful if you gonna compress the audio files with more than 64k bitrate. and HE-AAC or High Efficiency AAC is useful when you gonna compress your audio file with 64k Bitrate and Higher. They were specifically meant for that so they give their best when their conditions are satisfied.

Although the WMA gives good quality audio at low size. It is not as good as the AAC. There is very big drop in quality of sound as the lower the bitrate of the WMA files. AAC can store More than 300 Audio tracks with nice sounding audio quality in a CD.

Do not worry about the cost of the AAC encoder. It is totally free and it can be found on Nero”s Official Site. It has also documentation about how to use it. One thing about the Official Nero encoder is that it is a Prompt Driven app. and to convert audio to AAC the source file must be WMA format so its bit double task when you want to convert MP3 to AAC. So lessen this Burden you can use the Audio converter apps, these are user friendly and there plenty free software. I would recommend Mediacoder which is available for absolutely free. Its a good Audio encoder and it also offers many other audio formats you can convert to.

Link for the Official nero AAC Codec

Link for Media coder.

Hope This was useful. Thank you.