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Have ISO or DAA or any other files on computer and want to run use them as disk without burning them to the DVDs? that’s easy with tools like PowerISO or Daemon tools, They both are available for free.

I am using PowerISO cause I found it easy, Daemon tools is also popularly used you can use it, I will show how to use a ISO file like an DVD Rom here.

First download and install PowerISO from here:

PowerISO HomepageNow Run PowerISO then select Options then Configuration, a new window appears now select Virtual Drive in tab menu.

Select the number of Virtual Drives, choose as many as you want to run virtually. Now, click OK.

Now navigate to the directory where the iso or daa or any other image file is located.

Right click on the file and select PowerISO -> Mount Image to Drive [X:]

Mount Image to Power IsoWithin few seconds you must be seeing the file mounted as Drive.