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Top 10 free Computer applications you must be aware of.

These are Top 10 applications you must know
1) Foobar2000 Audio player:
Foobar2000 is advanced audio player which is light weight with less memory footage, it supports almost all audio formats. You will be amazed by its performance. Its more swifter than the normal windows media player. It is a gapless player with full Unicode support. You can customize user interference.
2) YouTube downloader:
There are many Paid YouTube downloaders out there in market, try this YouTube downloader for free. It supports all kind of quality video download from YouTube; even HD video download is supported. You can not only download the videos but also convert to Mp3 and also to other some video formats.
3) Any Video Convertor:
You always wanted to transfer Videos from your computer to handheld device. Why pay for expensive video convertor? Try this video convertor. It can convert from many video formats to any format. It also supports direct YouTube video download and save it to the local storage in the format you want. It also supports multi-threaded processing and also Graphic card acceleration is supported using CUDA technology.
4) Media Coder.
It is advanced media convertor which supports almost all audio and video formats. It also supports multi-thread processing so it performs well. If you like experimenting with the conversions then this is right application for you. It has two versions. One is only for audio conversion, if you want to convert only audio then you can stick with it. Another one is full version which supports both audio and video conversion.

Are you photo editor freak? You like to play around with graphics? You can’t afford professional photo editing software like Photoshop? Then you will love to use GIMP. Photo Edit like a professional with it. It is not a best app like a Adobe’s Photoshop but not that bad too. It is a free app you must try it.
6) Speedbit download Accelerator.
It is a free download accelerator application; it accelerates your download by parallel downloading and saves your time a lot of time, It also has paid version but free version is not less than anyone.

7) Avast antivirus
Try this antivirus it’s free, secure and trustable. Virus database is regularly updated so you that your computer won’t be affected by any new viral. No need of any renewal, just keep using until you want it.

8) Open Office
It is an alternative to the MS Office it has almost all features same as the MS office, you need not to worry if you can’t buy yourself an MS office license. Better go to Open Office.

9) Notepad++
Are you a programmer or web developer, Then you will love this. Notepad++ supports almost all programming language. You can use this as IDE software. It is regularly developed and many plugins are available too. This is a free app so you will not need to pay even a penny to this.

10) VLC Media Player
An advanced media player, it supports almost all video formats and it can even play the broken or incompletely downloaded video files. You can stream video on LAN or stream to the mobile phone with VLC installed in it through Wi-Fi or Internet.