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Tools To Run Another OS Virtually In Another OS.

Are you having craze of testing all OS? or You just want to stick to an OS but still be using another OS for small time to complete few tasks, then you can do it. Yeah, as we know being advanced user, we can’t only depend upon Windows or Mac. There are many other OS emerged which are very dedicated for development and programming purpose. Linux is also needed for android ROM development, as we know. And to setup android kitchen on windows OS is totally Impossible. But windows lovers cannot live without it, so what to do?

There are few software’s which can virtually run an OS on another running OS. It just runs as if it is an normal application. The only disadvantage of this method is that it consumes a lot of RAM and a lot of processing, of course. This method good if you just want to run simple programs in the Virtual OS, like example Programming or testing codes.

Few programs which enables this are VirtualBox, Virtual PC, VMWare. These are all I Know, For more, search yourselves(Good Luck).

Virtual Box can run any OS and seems cool enough to me, I haven’t tried any other Virtualizer( 😉 ). Virtual PC is by Microsoft so it is mainly focused to run Windows OS so I don’t suggest it to you if you want to run Unix,Linux,BSD and other similar OS.

  • Interesting..

    Btw can you also post article on how to install windows7, without removing xp set up.. and if it is advisable to keep both the systems. Your expert opnion pls 🙂