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Things needed to setup Dedicated server at home

Here, today, we will see what are basic things needed to setup a dedicated server.

First, what are dedicated servers for? Dedicated server can be used to host your website or setup a game server or use it as an application server or just a file server. Big websites like MSN , Yahoo, Facebook and all don’t ask anybody for web space to host their sites, what they do is they install their own servers and use them to host their site.

But, why dedicated server? Dedicated servers are far better than normal hosting, having dedicated server is like having total tower of your own, in shared hosting where you get limited space, limited access to features, limited tools, limited everything. But, when it comes to your own dedicated server, you can do anything you want, install any Control panel, run any scripts, run any application, have many features as you want, totally customize your server and everything is under your control so you will be owner of your own. You can upgrade features anytime you want like storage capacity, RAM and all. You can monitor it by yourself, you can give your friends some space if you want, you are just like a master re-seller.

Things needed to setup a dedicated server

A computer
A computer, it doesn’t matter if it a low end computer or it is a super turbo-charged computer because any computer is okay unless it is not broken to run a simple server, if you are going to run any serious process eating applications on the server then you will need a good computer.

A computer with decent RAM ( 2 – 4GB RAM)  and decent storage (80 GB and up) is enough for you to run a website.

Dedicated IP
Whenever we go online we are given with a numerical address which is called IP address, it is used to identify us online. But, it also helps others to reach us. So, IP plays an important role in helping people reach your server.

Normally IP address changes every time you restart connection these IPs are called dynamic IP addresses, rarely some service provider give IP addresses which are permanent these kind of IP address are called static IP address, so check if your service provider has given you a dynamic or static IP address, if your IP address is dynamic then buy a static IP address, it wont cost much.

Minimum Internet Speed

Normally, all the internet server of enterprise level has internet connections with speed ranging from 10Mbps – 1000 Mbps. Well, you don’t need to have a 100Mbps internet connection but at least 10Mbps if you are going to run a high traffic website or 4 Mbps is okay to run a simple website or blog. The better the internet connection the better is the server performance online.

Server Operating System

You cannot run server off simple domestic operating systems like windows 7 and MAC OS (I know it is possible but it won’t that good). There are specialized operating system to run a web server like windows server edition, Linux operating systems.

Some examples are Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat OS, Windows Server.

You got to choose right server operating system for you, if you want to run windows applications then windows server, if you want to run Linux applications then Linux server. Linux servers are most popularly used because of their large support community and most of them freely available so it will also help you decrease your expenses.

As we are planning to run Dedicated server at home, I think the ubuntu is better option to go with. Ubuntu has large support community and it is under rapid development. Ubuntu’s performance is really good even on low end computers, so it will be helpful if you are running server with a old computer.

Hope you also know :

  •  When you are running your own dedicated server, Nobody can stop you from putting anything you want on your server. But, if you put anything illegal or harmful to the community then you can be put in jail for years. Because, you the owner of the server so be wise before giving any space to any body on your server.
  • If you want to remotely operate you webserver then you will need to install the control panel on your server. Control panel’s are useful to handle your websites from any corner of this world.
  •  Don’t host any illegal files or place any illegal torrents, it will put you in a lot of trouble with cybercrime policy.
  •  Have full security setup on your server or else you will be a victim of security break throughs.
  • You will have to keep running the computer 24×7, so keep the computer the cool.


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