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Start Learning Coding – Some Simple Tips.

These days everyone code their own apps and make them work according to them. But not many people know coding, few people try to learn coding and give up soon. We must agree that learning coding is not an easy task(and not impossible too 😉 ). You may get lost in question “which coding language to learn?”. Choosing the right language to learn isn’t simple task.
There are many languages out there, how to choose one?

As you are a beginner I will recommend you to start with HTML ,C++ and C. HTML is very easy to learn , not much lengthy and time taking course. If you learn HTML you will get an idea about coding. HTML is basic language for websites coding. You’ll be able to code your own websites after learning the HTML.

C++ or C are almost same, as C++ is developed version of the C. C++ would be a language to start with. Many software in market are developed and being developed using C and C++. It is bit complicated and time taking course to learn these languages but it worth starting with. You’ll be able to understand all about coding after learning these all languages.

If you wanna develop the mobile apps and web applets then java is the language you must start learning. It is supported on almost all platforms(PC,Mobile,Tablets,etc). C++ and java have some similar syntax but they actually differ in many ways, you need some patience to understand the java better. you can develop Symbian,Android,i OS apps using java. You can start learning java later.

For advanced Web Developers the server side scripts like PHP and ASP are important. PHP is used to code almost all sites, Its very popular and fast growing language. Its easy to learn and takes a bit time. You can see This website is also coded in PHP. It runs smooth and fast. I say you must learn this language if you wanna be a good web developer and get into today’s race of web development. But HTML is indeed needed for this too.

Python, It is newly developed to language. Much popular due to its huge built in library. It is being rapidly developed and many people have switched to it. You must give it a try, There are also many free sources to learn this language. It supports both Computer programming and web Coding.

Hope this helped, Thank you, Enjoy the Time.