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Setting system variable path

You may want to directly access the apps in Command Prompt without entering whole path,

Example :¬†Assume you have installed python 3 in “C:\python3\” , to access it in command prompt window you will need to enter whole path “C:\python3\python.exe“. But, if you have set path in windows, you will need to enter only “python“. That’s all, nothing more nothing less.

Open windows control panel, then select system or you can press pause/break key holding windows key. Now, the system information window should have been opened.

Windows system Information

Now, select Advanced system settings from left side of the window.

advanced system settingsSystem properties window appears after you click Advanced system settings, now click on Environment Variables button.

System properties windowAfter you click Environment Variables button, another window appears, Environment variables window. There find and select Path variable in System variables and click on edit button.

4Now, window appears showing paths, there are many paths inserted. Go to the end the line and enter ” ; ” and add new path and click OK.