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SEO tips with wordpress theme

Many people like to design their own custom theme for their WordPress blog. But, sometimes they commit some small errors while coding, which kills their page ranks. Some people don’t even follow standards, and they kinda end up with big disasters.  We can find many tips online about WordPress SEO, some turn into jackpot, and some into awful thing. But here are some guaranteed things, you can follow blindly.

wordpress theme seo

Always Double Check The HTML Tags.

HTML is very easy to learn, and also very easy to make errors. We may sometimes misplace them or use them in different ways other than they meant. These days, browsers are very powerful and advanced, they phrase any errors, and show the site right to you. But, it isn’t same about the web crawlers, search engines seem them differently than we normally do. So, it is always nice to see that we take good care of things behind the curtain too.

There are many websites out their to check the HTML or CSS errors, they are free and totally reliable. There are also many IDE which do it for you. It shouldn’t be hard for you to find such sites or IDE.

Less Graphic More Traffic.

It is not bad to use the graphics to demonstrate things, they are really useful. But, when they are excursively used, I bet, they are pain to bear. And some people who write in images, they should know that it never helps. How would search engine know what is in the image? it doesn’t have OCR. So, less the graphical representation of content, better is the content exploration. You must also include title, alternate name for the images, It is good practice.

Do not Ajax-ify Everything.

Ajax is really cool thing, we can load content without refreshing whole page. Well, it really helps save data. But, have you ever considered how a search engine looks at it? It just sees nothing, it won’t try to load the content that isn’t there. So, if you are ajax fan then you should limit it or What you can do is use some tricks, like using hash links, that might work.

Use standard tags.

We all know HTML, it is very easy to code. But, when we code the WordPress theme we should always see the we follow the standard tags, you might never use <span> or the <hentry> or <header> tags , they really are helpful for search engine to grasp the right content. You must see this, it might prove helpful to you.

First Header, Then Content and later is Navigation, Sidebar and Footer.

Well, this is really interesting, but search engine will always give greater importance to the documents top side. So, if you fill your top area of web page with only, navigation bar and side bar, the content is hardly given any attention by the search engine. The question may arise ” What can I do if the sidebar is at right? or navigation comes before the Content?”, answer would be, ” CSS can do many thing.” Don’t forget to rely on CSS as much as possible.