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Samsung Galaxy Ace – DDKQ8 (2.3.6) Available.

New Update is Available for Indian SGA Phones finally, It is Android 2.3.6 which has many bug fixes and it also seems like battery performance is improved. I seen a new lock screen, Samsung replaced the older version lock screen with simple and easy lock screen. I also seen that the performance of the phones has improved, it is faster than before, Less lags, better graphics performance and some icons replacements too. Totally I agree that the update makes your phone work better and you wont regret for it.

When you gonna Update your SGA ???

There are two ways to update your phone.

#1. Update using Samsung update.

Navigate to SETTINGS>ABOUT PHONE>SOFTWARE UPDATE. It may ask for Samsung account info, Just type in the needed info then login , it will take few moments to check and and the asks you permission to download(mine was 2.3.4 before updating and the update size was about 14.2 MB), allow it to download, Wait for few minutes(I recommend the 3g or the WIFI connection. Because, it may take longer time slower connection). After the download completes the phone restarts in Update mode. The processes takes time , during this you can’t make any or receive calls, after the installation is over the phone starts as usual. Hurray, Enjoy 😉.

#2. Flashing.

It is not recommended to newbies , It needs good knowledge to do it. Playing with it may risk your phone.

How to do it?

Hope it works 🙂 , Thank you for reading.