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Read this before you google “Free web traffic exchange”

I know people are in real hurry to get their website or blog up and running with five digits traffic in no time, they spend all day and night on researching the best ways to get free or permanent traffic to their blog of site. Well, I don’t blame them. Actually, I have done that too. But, now I have learnt what is really needed to get a high traffic. If I be honest, I am haven’t been successful at getting high traffic yet. But, my experiments have given me enough knowledge, so I want to share it with you and enlighten you.

Everybody know how fancy has Google got, we get suggested the keywords we are about to enter before we complete. That’s truly nice of Google. No doubt Google gets higher traffic than any site does in this world. Well, some newbies to reach Facebook they type the URL in Google search bar. I know it’s hilarious. But, it’s true, my friends do that, I have watched them do it.

Well, let’s not get lost with fun, we are getting back to topic. Today I was about to search about free blog traffic. Today, I had planned to see if there something I can do to put my blog in first page of Google. I got many suggestions from Google suggestions. Among them one was free traffic exchange.

What really is traffic exchange? Well, traffic exchange is exchange of traffic. Ha, yea? Not enough? Traffic exchange is like, two websites’ owners having mutual understanding will put each other’s web link on their website, and let the visitors see and visit that mutual sites. This should be a satisfying explanation. This could be called as traffic exchange. But, when I searched for traffic exchange I came through many sites which allow users to surf other’s website and allow others to visit yours.

That sounds great? You visit X number of websites and your get X number of web visits in back. That sound great and the thing is you may need to actively keep visiting other’s site in order to get traffic to your site. This system is OK when you just want to show some attractive gallery or something which is going to be closed soon, momentarily you will have traffic. But, if you want permanent or I say returning traffic then this doesn’t seem a good idea.

Why is that a bad idea for general website? You must be expecting a returning traffic. But, the people there visit your site just to increase the chances of showing their own site, not because they find a new interesting website every time. They are just like you, they come to you because, they get some benefit, when they are asked to come back to same site taking out benefit, and they won’t even try to.

I have also seen that those traffic exchange sites also offer premium traffic; I mean you can buy traffic in exchange of currency. You pay 5 or 10 bucks and you get 10k hits, which sound good. But, do you really need that? Just, out of those thousands a few or hundred may return, rather than doing that what I would do is I would invest that money in ad campaign. Not in CPM ads but CPC ads, there I will pay only when someone clicks my ad and reach my site. They will probably read everything about my site in ad description and then reach my site. I will get a visitor who is interested rather than a random visitor who didn’t even want to know about my website.

Such sites are good to promote products which are generally for everyone or to show some special things which are special for the moment. You made a YouTube video? And you like to show it to many people? Then go for these sites.

  • Thanks for the info on ad campaigns, but I have tried this method with Neobux and got no where near what I was expecting.