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PROXY Server, What is it?

A proxy server is a server which works as a medium between the client and the web server. These servers let you use their server address to reach the website you want, in a way they won’t let your identity get disclosed. It’s very helpful when you want to browse sites anonymously or just want to browse a site where you IP are blocked.

Is it safe to use proxy?
Well, it’s until you use it only for normal browsing. I advise you to not use for any transaction or personal information sharing. They may misuse the cookies for their own purposes.

What do I need to use proxy sites?
You need nothing more than a simple web browser and a proxy site.[adsenseyu2]

Some of the proxy sites I Know are:
😀 well, I can’t paste them on my site as it is breaking my hosts rule. SO just Google for it and get it.
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