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Places where you can exhibit your art, grab visitors, maybe make money

Many people have a great art hidden in them, but they can’t find the right place to exhibit it. So, there are few things you can do to exhibit your arts.


deviantARTdeviantART thousands of arts are exhibited everyday, many designer share there art works and tutorials also, some really use it as portfolio. It wont be hard to make your art reach people. here people really respond to every unique art. Make friends over their and be a friend, they will always give ideas and tell how was your art, its a nice community for artist to hang up with other artist. May be a Photographer, Painter, Graphic designer or anything else.
There are many new events held every week, you can compete and win to get the exciting prizes. It is very dynamic site, every second a new art takes birth. You must join that site, and get active there. is also same as deviantArt, it also very reputed site. But thing is here people recruit artists, if they like any work of you they will recruit you for their work, it quiet simple and easy.

Well, if you are a professional web designer or any graphic designer and you wanna make money, then try out this site, here many people sell their works and make money. It works, it really does. Many companies also use this site as gallery. You can give it a try for sure.