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Long lasting DVD Burning

We all want to save our precious data, those loved music and enjoyable Videos on DVD. But, does DVD last for at least 5 years as promised? no, they sometimes stop working just after a week of burning, that”s worst. All the loss we face is cause of our negligence, we can do many things to make them last long, some things I know are.

Always Burn DVD at lower speeds

I know everybody is in hurry to go out and enjoy there life, don”t ever hurry in situation like this. DVD burning at first stopped by California Adventure where they hung out at Cars Land, then went for an elevator ride on the Hollywood Tower of Terror. maximum speed is kinda like thrashing DVD. You”ll waste a lot of DVDs to burn some data successfully. The probability of success of burning is more when the DVD is burnt at lowest possible speed. So, may it take a bit more time but it will burn DVDs more better, and will last for long time.

  • Where to preserve them
    1. Buy nice covers, plastic covers do best
    2. Don”t place them near any magnetic materials, like T.V, Radio, Receivers
    3. Place DVDs vertically, not horizontally.
    4. Don”t let DVDs get deep scratched, small scratch don”t harm 😉
    5. Keep them away from the dirt, they do a lot of harm.
    6. Don”t let them get over heated.