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Internal Storage Full – Android Phones big Headache.

It has always been a problem that the internal storage is insufficient to install many application, As we can’t install all apps on the memory card . Many people complain about it, There are some apps in market out there which move the apps to the memory card. But the real problem is that they don’t totally move all files.

When I was searching for solution I found an application named Link2sd, I used this app , It really worked :D. It can move all the apps to memory card( Force ably). It can also automatically move all the apps to card on installation, You can move all apps at a time using batch processing, You can clear all apps cache, You can Uninstall apps (*even system apps but may cause problem later if you uninstall wrong app*). All under single application.

What you need to run this app?

Phone with Android 1.6+ with root privileges.

Where can I get this app?

Of course from android market :D.

Well, It needs second partition on SD card as it will move all apps to this partition when you choose to link ’em. (when you link them the widgets don’t break). TO make partition you can use computer or else CWM.