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Including your own font on webpage using @font-face in CSS3

Tired of using web safe fonts? Want to include your own stylish fonts to your web page? Then it is possible with the New CSS3, you can just upload your fonts to the web and link it with the style sheet. It is supported by almost all new web browser like Firefox, IE9, Opera, Chrome, etc.

Use the code below in the CSS sheet to implement it:

use “font-family” to name the font and “src: url(‘path-to-the-file/font.otf’)” this is used to link to the fonts.

Format depends upon the fonts file type. Check the below table:

String Font Format Common extensions
“woff” WOFF (Web Open Font Format) .woff
“truetype” TrueType .ttf
“opentype” OpenType .ttf, .otf
“embedded-opentype” Embedded OpenType .eot
“svg” SVG Font .svg, .svgz

Use the right string for the right extensions.