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Improve computer gaming performance, simple things that you can do

Is your computer gaming performance very low?

Then try to these somethings, the performance may considerably improve.

If you are using Windows Vista or later version, then disable visual theme while playing the game, it makes some difference. The simple way to do that would be by right clicking on the Icon select Properties, Compability Mode > Enable Disable Visual themes.

Step 2 : Set your anti-virus software to gaming mode or maybe silent mode before you start gaming, all newer anti virus softwares casino online come with this option, this option takes care that no scan are heavy service takes place by this anti virus whilst you are playing. This means that it wont interrupt your gaming and will keep it smooth.

Step 3: Shut down all the application that are unnecessary during your game-play, like windows messenger or Chat apps or maybe simple convertor. It will make considerable difference.