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[How to] Flash Android factory images to Nexus 4.

Yesterday I flashed Android 4.3 to my Nexus 4, I waited for long to get the update on air, but I couldn’t wait any longer. It was not easy to get it all together and flash it. I went to many tutorials and articles, all they did was totally confuse me. So first, I tried to flash update package, I failed due to complication, I tried side load method, CWM flash and all, it merely failed. So, I choose to flash factory image. There were tutorials which were bit head cracking. But, I found a tool to do it. It was, easy and quick. This tools is called Nexus 4 Toolkit, it can be found here, or you can directly download it from here

Here is how we flash the factory image. First, download the app from the links above.

And make sure you have installed all the required drivers for your phone.

Download and install Android SDK tools from here . (We will use to check the devices)

Unlocked the phone.

After installing and everything, connect you device using USB cable and enable USB debugging mode on your phone. You can do it by Settings  -> Developer options -> USB Debugging enabled. Don’t see “Developer options” ? then go Setting-> About Phone -> And tap on Build Number for several times, now it will show up.

Now, open a command prompt window in the same folder as the adb.exe and fastboot.exe exists (just hold shift and right click on the folder and choose open command window here ) . And type ” adb devices ” in command prompt window. This must show a device under the list, this means your phone has been connected successfully or else try again installing drivers properly.

 I also was stuck in solving driver problem and phone was not being recognized by the adb tool, so what I did is I enabled usb tethering and boom! the device was recognised. You can give it a try too.

Now, if your phone has been recognized by the adb, leave it there for a moment.

We shall now setup the Nexus 4 toolkit properly.

Copy your downloaded factory image to the folder named ‘ put_google_factory_image_here ” in the directory where you installed nexus 4 toolkit (for me it is C:\Google_Nexus_4_ToolKit). My factory image name was like this occam-jwr66v-factory-08d2b697.tar (don’t rename or extract)

nexus 4 toolkit factory image

Now after you have copied the image correctly , start the toolkit.exe

At first it will ask if you want to update, just choose no for now.

Now a window will appear asking you the model of your phone. Choose the right one.


After choosing a model, it will start downloading required files for next process. It won’t take much long.



After everything is done, a new window will appear with many options.

5Now , type in  and press Enter

A new menu will appear asking if you want to download factory image or want to flash already downloaded image.

6type and press enter, as we have downloaded our factory image and placed it in the right folder.

Now the process will ask your permission to start. But, remember , flashing will wipe all the data on the phone, including internal storage. So, back everything up before starting.


enter ‘no‘ , as our phone is not in fastboot mode and ‘yes’ if phone is already in fastboot mode.

Now the phone will restart in recovery mode and the flash process will take place, it will wipe all the data and install the factory image. After that your phone will restart and must be working all right.