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Google Webmasters, what is it and whom is it for?

You have a website and it’s hard to get listed in Google? You have been trying to get listed quickly but not yet listed? You are webmaster and want to monitor how is your website being approached by the search engine and how your website is being listed? You want to know what keywords make your website at the top and which keywords been more effective? You want your site to be listed in more disciplined manner? Then you will need Google Webmasters. It’s a right tool for SEOs.

There are many benefits of using the Google Webmasters, you can accurately track your website and learn much about its traffic. You can know what are the search queries used to search your content and what was your average position, it also shows how many times your link has been showed up to the searcher and how many of them have clicked. When you know these things you can understand which key words took the searchers to the site and which are the bad keywords that 1063Review and Free DownloadPuran ssd data recovery is one of the better free file recovery programs I’ve seen. are being used unnecessarily. You can know the effectiveness of your keywords online.

Google webmasters let you know which websites are being linked with you. It also shows which sites links are on your site. If you place you site link on a popular site then chances of showing up of your site in search engine at top increases. The more popular your website link gets the more chances of getting higher rank in Google results. When you submit your sitemap, you can know how many of your pages are submitted to Google and how many of them are index. You can make some rule for the crawler to not list the pages you ask not to. It also lets you know if there are any crawl errors in your site. You can easily know and fix the errors. If you have moved you site domain and don’t want to start from zero again then Google webmasters also has an option to move the domain.