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Few Steps to Keep Your Computer Safe.

These days threats to computer security has increased. There many forms of security to hacks, they can attack your computer via simple web pages to softwares that you use everyday. So you must be aware of steps to be taken before you be victim to these hacks , security cracks and virus attacks.

People blindly use the computer, they don’t check the sources they get files from, mainly the free stuffs online are the basic target to seed viruses. People easily get attracted to such free stuffs and unknowingly they become victim to the viruses, spywares,malwares. And there are some also few sites which ask you for credit card infos to get free stuffs, never be fooled by such sites. Some people don’t like spending the money on the softwares, so they just choose to torrents and warez etc. But are they aware of the danger that may be caused by using the torrents? The seeder or uploader can easily plant the virus into your computer via that. If you are not using any good Antivirus softwares then your computer will be easily overwhelmed by those viruses.
Some things you can do yo prevent all these is , you can use services like they have very elastic options which makes your surfing totally secure. They block you from reaching malicious website which may harm your computer and you can have parental lock on which blocks adult sites, still they are absolutely free for personal use.

Antivirus, always use a antivirus software that is most trusted. There are few antivirus which are already virus, They claim to give free virus scan when you download it, it shows false report that there a such many viruses so you must buy that antivirus full version to remove those threats, but the thing is that now that antivirus is itself a virus, it becomes almost impossible to even uninstall that kinda softwares so, keep away from such antivirus, confirm before and verify online before you download them.

If you can’t afford to buy a antivirus, then try Avast Free, AVG free , Avira Free antivirus software they can be trusted. Always keep the antivirus definitions up to date if you are a regular internet user.

Always download free softwares from trusted websites only, Never download free stuffs from any sites you want, only download from official websites if available. This will keep you off the hook.