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Extending Laptops Battery Life

You can use your battery for more longer than they usually run just by configuring you laptop in right way, we can start by making new power plan for laptop.

To create a new laptop power plan, click on the battery icon in the task bar and select “More power Options”.

Power plan for Windows 7

Or go to control panel and click on power options.

Power option window appears. Now click on “Create a power plan” on left side of the window.

Windows 7 Power option

Now it asks to name your power plan, name it anything you want and click next.

Now configure the on battery settings:

power plan settings

Dim the display: 1 Minute, The display will be dimmed when the laptop is left inactive for more than one minute.

Turn off the display: 3 minutes, The display will go off when the laptop is inactive for more than 3 minute.

Put the computer to sleep: 5 Minutes, computer will go to sleep when computer will be left inactive for more than 5 minutes.

Adjust plan brightness : Set it to lowest possible settings, if it is not enough for your eye, then set to bit higher brightness, but remember the lower the brightness the lower the power.

Now click on the create plan.

Now it comes back to the power option window, now click on the currently created plan’s “Change plan settings”.

Change plan settings

Now click on change “advanced power settings”. A new window will appear.

power option

Turn off the hard disk, Turn off the hard disk when on battery after 3 minutes inactivity. When laptop is inactive it will not use hard disk for anything, so turning off doesn’t make any difference but save the charge of the laptop.

Done place a CD/DVD disk in Drive: The DVD/CD drive uses power even when the disk is not in use, so you better not place the disk in the drive. It will save a lot of energy.

Don’t keep the WiFi or Bluetooth on when not in use, if you are not using WiFi or Bluetooth then turn it off, it will save energy too. it wont be searching for any new networks or the power supply to it will be stopped.

Try to perform single tasks, the more applications you keep running the more ram it uses, the more hard disk it uses so the power will also be consumed much. So try to perform only the task needed at a time.

Configure the graphic card, Make graphic card work only when needed. These days many laptops come with graphic card. Believe me they are real hungry for energy, so rather than keeping them on all the time, make it work only when needed, all the graphics card control software enables us to do this. (AMD catalyst has option to choose application which need gfx acceleration and which doesn’t)
If you are watching the movies then check if GPU is enabled, Disable the GPU. This will let you watch movies for bit longer on battery 😉

Well, if you are a music lover then you should stop listening music from out-speakers, try to use headphones or i recommend in-ear headphones, really really useful when you tend to listen music a lot.

Keep you laptop cool,But not too cool. The battery is more efficient in moderate temperatures. Once in a month drain the whole battery and recharge without any interruptions to full battery, don’t plug out in between the phase of charging.