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Emulate and test your website on different devices virtually.

It is almost impossible to test your website for compatibility on all different devices, especially when you don’t have much time. Hence, it will ease your work when you have a tool to emulate the device and check it at different compatibility. It is possible with Google Chrome Canary, it has special feature for developers which enables to emulate few different devices. You can also emulate a custom device. So, it should be nothing but good gift for web designers.

Here is how to do it.

1) First download and install Chrome Canary from here.

2) After you have installed it. Open the site you want to check compatibility for. ( I open

3) Open menu then Tools and then Inspect devices.



4) Then from left choose “Pages“.

apges 5) Now you can see list of pages you have opened, Just choose “Inspect” option from right below the page you want to emulate.



6)Now, emulation has started in same tab. A new windows will appear where you can change or modify the device settings. Now you can emulate any device you want.

emulation started