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Creating and attaching virtual hard disk in Windows.

Virtual Hard disk is really important in Virtual computers field. So, let me show how to create a virtual hard disk and attach it in windows.

First, open start menu, then right click on computer. Now, a menu appears, select manage from there.

mange, computerA computer management window appears select storage there.

how to create vhd 2After that, Disk management , Now a window appears showing you all the partitions on your computer.

how to create vhd 3Then select Action menu button and select Create VHD.

how to create vhd 4After that, a window appears showing the types of Virtual Hard Disks available to create and asks you to specify its path and its storage capacity.

how to create vhd 5there are two types of Virtual hard disks, dynamically expanding and fixed sizes. Dynamically expanding hard disks are not recommended because they expand as you store files which is good. But, they don’t shrink automatically when you delete the files on it which is really bad. So, lot of people recommend you to use fixed size, which wont cause any headaches ever.

Now fill in the path, space and select OK.

how to create vhd 6It takes few moments and your Virtual Hard Disk will be created.

how to create vhd 7after some time virtual hard disk is created.

how to create vhd 8

But, wait you can do nothing of it yet, you still got to do few more steps to access it. Now, right click on Disk 2 (or anything else which is associated with newly created VHD) and select initialize disk

how to create vhd 9A new window appears asking you about initializing disk. Use MBR partition style, GPT is not recommended. and click on OK button.

how to create vhd 10After some time, the disk is initialized. Now, as you can see you can create a new volume from it.

how to create vhd 11Create a new volume and start using it. Now you have a working Virtual hard disk.

How to attach a Virtual hard disk.


Like from above computer management window rather than selecting the Create VHD just select the Attach VHD.

how to attach vhd 1A new window appears asking you to specify location, enter you desired Virtual hard disk location and click OK.

how to attach vhd 2there after you are done, you can start using the VHD.