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Create a Multi-Columnar CSS layout

Creating multi-columnar website layout using CSS

Creating a multi-columnar site is easy using CSS. As we are just setting up a layout use of any graphics isn’t involved.

I have created blueprint for my site. Blueprints help you to name the objects easily and will give you idea about how to place them. It also lets you decide the size of objects.

Here is my blueprint.
css layout blueprint

Now there are 9 objects, menu bar, header, small content box, wide content box, content page, sidebar, footer.

Now we can begin with the coding, add this html code below to html casino online file








I have used wrapper div to hold all the objects and make them align at centre.
Now in style sheet enter this code


set margin of the body to zero.

Align the whole website centre and set its height, width.

set the height of menubar.

set the height and width of the header and also the margin.

Make boxes align one next to the other.

Make content Box align left and fix its width.

make sidebar align to the right.

set the footers width.

Now your divs must aligned same as in blueprint.