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Clear or Disable Frequent Folders And Recent Files On Windows 10

     As soon as I open my Windows 10 File Explorer I see the list of files I recently accessed and Folders I Frequently use. It is really helpful feature, But sometimes many unnecessary files, and even the files that have been on my removable storage device are shown in that list, in that case it becomes necessary for me to clear those list (for stopping from taking unnecessary space), or I also noticed that even the contents of hidden folders are listed up there. So you might just disable that feature to be on the safer side.

Here is how you can do it.

Clearing the list

Step 1: Open the File Explorer

Windows 10 File explorer quick access.

Step 2: Then click on “View” drop-down menu  which is visible on the top left of the screen.


Step 3: Then click on “Option”, which can be found on extreme end of the list of icons just appeared after clicking View.


Step 4: After clicking “Options” a new “Folder Options” window will have appeared. Make sure you are on “General” tab.
Folder Options

Step 5: Now Under the “General” tab in the “Privacy” section, click on the “Clear” button which is right in front of  “Clear File Explorer History”.


Step 6: Now press “OK” to exit.

Disabling the list / Never list files again

To do that just go through steps 1-4 again and again under privacy section, uncheck either or both of the options, “Show recently used files in Quick access” “Show frequently used folders in Quick access”, however you please. And clear the list for once, and click on “OK” to be done with it.