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Act Like a spy with your android phone. Get Smart! with android.

Is there something you wanna keep track of? or you wanna be checking over someone without being noticed? or just wanna be playing spy’s role in your real life for fun? you do all of these by yourself with your android phones. These don’t cost you anything, you just need to setup some applications and you are ready to go.

Beware, Don’t get Overwhelmed and get others and yourself into trouble 😀

Keep track of your family, friends and kids.

You cannot know what is happening with your family or kids when they are away, you have a lot of work to do in this busy life. Anyway, you can be watching there location all the time with this android application. This will give you their real time location, all you have to do is install this GPS locating app on your android phones and create the accounts of everyone whom you keep wanna watching, that’s all.

GPS Tracking Pro : the link for app goes here.

Spy Camera

You can record the video and even capture the picture of someone or something, they wouldn’t even know about it. Just face your android device’s camera  towards ’em, start the spy cam and hide it. You can be using the application you usually do, like texting, chatting, facebook, twitter. The process of recording runs in background, in stealth mode. You can never be caught in doing it and you can easily get away without any doubts.


Mobile Hidden Camera : The link for the app goes here.

Hidden Audio Recorder.

You want to save a conversation on your android device? then you can do it with this, the audio recording starts and stops in background and also provides good enough audio record quality. You can schedule the recording, so no need to take out phone and start recording.

Voice Recorder : The link for the app goes here.

Turn you android into wireless web camera.

you can turn your android phone into a wireless web camera, place it in your living room or kitchen or anywhere you want and stream live video to your computer over WiFi, you can see everything happening live. You can even use it to watch over your kids. Can even capture the pics on computer directly.

IP Webcam: The link for the app goes here.